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Here you can find information about issues concerning the equality of men and women insociety. We can offer you a wide range of information which you can read up on, tips and assistance with problems, and we can give you advice in person or by phone, if you are in difficulties.


The Equal Opportunities Representative and the Office for Women’s Affairs

The Equal Opportunities representative of the Landkreis Wesermarsch is Ulla Bernhold. She and her three colleagues support the Landkreis Wesermarsch in the task, which is laid down by law, of providing equality of opportunity for men and women in the world of work. The life circumstances of men and women are often very different.

Men and women are not the same, but have the same rights!

The social differences between the sexes and the equality of their opportunities must be taken into account in a community context.

The Landkreis Wesermarsch Equal Opportunities representative and her team operate the Women’s Affairs office, to which the counselling centre LaWeGa also belongs.


Your contacts are (from left to right): Eqal Opportunities representative Ulla Bernhold and her team, Imka Arndt and Susan Sziede (councelling centre LaWeGa), Stefanie Wöbken (secretariat). Photo: Meike Lücke


Get in touch with us

  • if you need advice or information regarding equal opportunities such as women in thejob market or self-employment; combining career and family; discrimination in thework-place or in private life; equality of opportunity; violence and sexual oppression;health matters; local politics

  •  if you’re looking for contact to women’s or men’s groups, institutions, organisations, advice centres, lobby groups

  • if you would like to work in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities representative on specific issues


 We’re here to advise and support you!


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